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Justin Bieber Avoids Charges In Attempted Robbery Case

A woman accused Bieber of trying to steal her cell phone last month.

Justin Bieber avoided criminal charges on Monday (June 16) in a case in which a woman alleged that the pop star tried to steal her cell phone.

The L.A. County District Attorney rejected the case last week, and the L.A. City Attorney ruled today that there was not enough evidence to charge Bieber with a misdemeanor, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Last month, a woman accused the Believe singer of trying to steal her phone after she tried to take a picture of him at a miniature golf course in Sherman Oaks. She told detectives that he tried to take the phone from her purse, and that the two fought over it before he let go.

Several eyewitnesses refuted her claims, however, telling TMZ that she was "definitely the instigator" and "being overly aggressive," saying Bieber did not try to take her phone.

While he won't face charges in this case, according to TMZ, Bieber will be charged with criminal vandalism Monday in the egging of his neighbor's home earlier this year.