Wale Wonders ‘Is They Still Talkin’ Yayo?’ On New Freestyle

The DMV native lets loose a quick lyrical exercise.

Drug talk gets plenty of play in rap lyrics, but it sounds like Wale is ready to move on from that white.

“Is they still talkin’ yayo?” the Maybach Music Group rapper questions in the opening to his new freestyle over Snootie Wild’s “Yayo,” which he released on Monday (June 16). “That’s all them n—as talkin’ ’bout, little n—as ain’t dreamin’.”

The DMV native, who places a premium on speaking truth in rhymes, had some words for any peers who may not be doing the same:

“Still sayin’ what them suckas been afraid to/ I ain’t sayin’ I’m a n—a with a halo, but I’m not a gang n—a bangin’ with a pencil/ Every n—a came from the trap now, huh?/ Every n—a carrying a MAC now, huh?”

Embedded from w.soundcloud.com.