'Teen Wolf' Is Going Back To Its Roots For Season 4

Beacon Hills' toughest students will emerge from the gloom, according to the show's stars.

The tagline for the upcoming "Teen Wolf" season is a very somber "Can't go back," but according to the cast, that's exactly where the tone of the show is headed.

"Season 4 so far is a lot like Season 1 was," Dylan O'Brien says in the video below. "It's sort of, like, stripped down from all the craziness that went on in Season 3."

Make no mistake -- there will still be plenty of bumps in the night and bloodshed -- but Dylan says you can also expect the return of Scott and Stiles' buddy-buddy banter (yesssssss!), and that the experience of filming those types of scenes has been "nostalgic."

His partner-in-crime, Tyler Posey, agrees.

"It's funnier. It's slower-paced -- it's more of, like, an action/adventure/comedy," TyPo notes of the new episodes.

Still, for all the road-tripping down memory lane, there's one "Teen Wolf" trend that is officially over, Holland Roden insists.

"There will be no more people rising from the dead," she proclaims. "Like we had in Season 1, 2 and 3. They mean it this time!"

Check the clip for more on what's to come, and tune in to "Teen Wolf" when the series returns on Monday, June 23 at 10/9c.