Wiz Khalifa Leaves Bonnaroo On A High Note

Taylor Gang captain puffs and motivates on fest's final night.

By Mary J. DiMeglio

MANCHESTER, Tennessee — With his Sunday night Bonnaroo set, Wiz Khalifa seized the chance to share some words of inspiration with the blissed-out crowd, already soaring high after four days of unforgettable performances and good vibes at a festival that has adopted the mantra "Radiate Positivity."

Performing the last Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival show before Sunday night headliner Elton John, Wiz proclaimed his love for weed and encouraged the crowd to smoke too many times to count, all while also motivating them to hustle toward their dreams — basically, as one of his biggest tracks says, to "work hard, play hard."

"Even if you don't smoke, whatever you have going on in your mind, that's what's gonna change the world," he said.

Even though it was already dark when he took the stage with "Bout Me," Wiz was dressed for a day in the sun, in white shades and a huge-brimmed hat that made Pharrell's look small.

"I'm really creative and really weird," the Pittsburgh MC said. "People wanna judge us because we dress crazy."

"James Bong," "The Thrill" and "Roll Up" followed, before Wiz slowed it down for "Up," getting a sea of lighters to wave in the air as he sang, "Everything's better when you're high."

"If you believe you can do anything in the world, say yeah," Wiz encouraged.

"Taylor Made," "23" and "On My Level" made the set, and "Mary 3x" had arms waving all the way to the back. After a weekend of unabashed partying, Bonnaroo was overjoyed to sing along to its weekend anthem: "Young, Wild and Free."

"Ain't nobody gonna understand you like you understand yourselves," he told the fans. "The world's gonna be alright, because this generation is using their minds to move forward ... y'all are creative minds."

Having removed his hat and shades, Wiz sprinted around shirtless during "Black and Yellow," collapsing to the ground afterward. "I'm not done yet!" he screamed.

Wiz closed the show with "We Dem Boyz (Hold Up)," moving to the side of the stage to sing to his wife, Amber Rose, who gave him a reason to celebrate Father's Day.