Watch Taylor Swift Dance Like Nobody's Watching At Ed Sheeran's Concert

Taylor's Sheerio status remains intact. Watch the video below.

While our reporter at Ed Sheeran's Hammerstein Ballroom show this past Saturday (June 14) in New York City recalled seeing Taylor Swift getting down in the audience, we've only just tracked down a fan-captured YouTube video of the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer's dancing in action. And lo, it is glorious.

All of Tay-Tay's signature swaying, leaning, and hair-flipping are present, but it looks like she's added a couple of new moves to her repertoire while jamming to Ed's "You Need Me, I Don't Need You" -- namely air-drumming, jazz hands, and that thing where you lower your head and mouth the words to the song as you do a bent-elbow half-raise of your arm. Anyone have a name for this yet? Whatever it's called, I can relate.

[gdm_video source="youtube" video_id="jenwqOW7j-0" url=""]

If only Taylor's brother Austin (who is on Taylor's right in the video) would join in! Honestly, is there anything better in this world than Taylor Swift's audience-member dance moves? They are truly the gift that just keeps on giving.