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Game Says He's The Black Eminem On New Single 'Bigger Than Me': Listen

The Los Angeles native takes aim at the industry on his latest.

If his new single "Bigger Than Me" is any indication, Game is not at all pleased with the state of rap.

"N---as talkin' that sh-- 'bout a new generation/ Man, f--k these n---as, I'll slash ya f--kin' face in/ You n---as ain't sold sh--, not an album or a rock," he fires off on the opening minute of the track, which was released on Monday (June 16).

Nearly a decade after his debut album, the Los Angeles native sounds like he has as much to prove as ever before, launching a myriad of verbal attacks at rappers, the industry, media and more.

"It's clear that we not equal, clear you n---as faggots/ I'm the black Marshall Mathers," Game boasts later on, before piling on the aggressive energy:

"I came in with 'Ye, Jeezy and boss ass n---as/ Your Freshmen cover a whole bunch of soft ass n---as/ Tampon lyricists, evacuate the premises/ Mute BET cyphers 'cause I don’t wanna hear that sh--/ May you rest in piss you fuck n---as/ Hey, Frank Ocean, go ahead and f--k these f--k n---as (Yeah, they f--k n---as)/ Ain't no Three Stacks in your class/ So take your top ten, and shove it up your ass, bitch boy."

There's also the part where he takes shots at some unnamed MCs, promising, "I don't wanna hear it/ Weak ass lyrics/ Cryin' on the hook, thinkin' we gon' feel it."

Oh, and that's all in the first one hundred seconds of the five-and-a-half minute joint.

The song, whose video will drop later this week, will serve as the lead single for his upcoming Blood Money La Familia, which will be a compilation album with his Blood Money Entertainment.

That project will arrive in addition to an upcoming collaborative album with Ed Sheeran, which Game told MTV News about in April.

“Ed came up with the idea to start working on a joint album, and we started doing it,” he said, adding that it will be a double-disc. “That was like in five hours. We was just going. He was on that guitar. Acoustically, he’s a genius, man, so when he does that, what comes out of me is songs like ‘Dreams’ and ‘Hate It or Love It’ and ‘My Life.’ The songs that we got, they’re real songs. And I can’t wait for people to hear ‘em.”

Meanwhile, Blood Money La Familia is set to drop on September 16