Daniel Radcliffe Makes A New 'Friend' In 'What If' Clip

Can we be friends with him, too?

It's pretty nervewracking asking Daniel Radcliffe to be your friend.

I get it. I'm not sure I'd be able to go up to him without stammering for a few seconds, much less ask him to actually hang out. But that's exactly what Zoe Kazan does in a new clip from the upcoming comedy "What If."

Kazan plays Chantry, who is giving her best pitch to Wallace (Radcliffe) about becoming best friends. Naturally, she's a bit nervous, and stammers a bunch before finally popping the question.

"So is that it? That's your big pitch to be my friends?" Wallace asks after Chantry finally blurts it out. "That was terrible!"

"I know, I know, I practiced in the mirror..." Chantry says before trailing off.

It's a very cute scene that showcases the probably-more-than-friendly chemistry between Kazan and Radcliffe, even as they try to keep things platonic. And, like any friendship pact, it ends in a handshake that Wallace remarks is "like a business deal."

It should be noted that Chantry's boyfriend in the movie is played by Adam Driver, so Radcliffe's up against some stiff competition if the whole friends thing doesn't work out.

Check out the adorable clip for "What If," which opens August 8.