Bonnaroo's Lost & Found: Every Crazy Thing People Left Behind

Cell phones and wallets and keys! Oh, my! See what was left behind at the 2014 festival.

MANCHESTER, Tennessee -- There are few worse feelings than having an eight-hour road trip ahead of you and realizing you’ve misplaced your credit cards, cash and license to drive. Unfortunately for 19-year-old Olivia from Jacksonville, Florida, this is exactly what happened the day before departing from her weekend getaway at Bonnaroo.

“I was tipping a guy who looked like Forrest Gump and couldn’t find it after that,” she said. “He took a bunch of pictures with us.”

Thankfully for Olivia, she made a pitstop by the festival's lost and found and was able to retrieve her misplaced possessions. "I can't believe they had it," she exclaimed with tears in her eyes.

Another lucky festival-goer was able to locate his car keys by his Manchester library card attached to his keychain. While volunteers organized the keys by the type of car, he was able to pluck his right out of the mess of metal. The local suggested that Manchesterians could find their lost keys more easily if they read more: "They should have a Manchester library card attached to the keychain," he said before locating his only way home.

But not everyone at Bonnaroo was as lucky as these two individuals. Before taking off Sunday night, MTV News swung by the tent to do some inventory, and here's what was left behind in the final hours.

173 Keys

93 Cell Phones

41 iPhones

52 "other" phones

94 Wallets

34 black

24 brown

35 assorted colors and prints

1 pulled from a Porta Potty that was covered in feces

77 Bags

28 Camelbacks

15 purses

33 backpacks

1 briefcase

32 Sunglasses

8 Miscellaneous Items

1 hula hoop

1 umbrella

1 pillow

1 laptop

1 basketball

1 foldable chair

2 condoms

9 Volunteers

Does anything look familiar? If so, hit up to search for and log lost and found items, or for any direct questions email