'Star Wars: Episode VII': Is This A Subtweet, A Spoiler, Or Both?

There is another?

Typical to a J.J. Abrams production, things are completely shut down and secretive on the set of "Star Wars: Episode VII." That is, until star John Boyega decides to tweet something about the movie.

Though Boyega and company have been completely quiet about just what roles they're playing in the sequel, the actor just dropped this little subtweet bomb on Twitter:

Wait, hold up: Skywalker? What does Boyega mean? He later added this tweet, which didn't really help clarify things:

To that end, with no insider info implied, here's all the possibilities of what, exactly, Boyega could be talking about:

1. He's A Skywalker

That's the most obvious conclusion, and the way that will send racists into a racistly fueled racist fan frenzy ("Skywalkers can only be blonde or have cinnamon bun hair or be weird pasty dudes or have James Earl Jones' voice, but that's it!") If Boyega is, in fact, playing, "another Skywalker," to quote Yoda, that's a bit of a bombshell; and certainly implies the actor will have a big part of the movie.

The question left from this line of reasoning is, whose son is he? Luke's? Or Leia's? Or for ultimate grossness, both?

2. He's Doing A Scene With Luke

The production is currently filming on location in Abu Dhabi, so it's entirely possible Boyega may just be doing his first scene with Mark Hamill. If so, he might be excited enough to tweet about the character, because heck, who wouldn't be excited to film a scene with Luke Skywalker? Other than a tauntaun?

3. He's Just Appreciating Being In "Star Wars"

As his second tweet implies, or possibly damage controls, he just likes the names in "Star Wars!" Isn't that nice? So nice. Dubious, but nice.

4. He Scheduled This Tweet Months Ago

Total coincidence, he just wrote "Skywalker" in a tweet, scheduled it in Hootsuite, and forgot about it; then got cast in "Star Wars." Kismet!

Whatever Boyega is up to, it is worthy to note that he was the first to tweet the clapboard from "Episode VII" shooting a few short weeks ago. So rather than being an actor screwing up and tweeting things he shouldn't, maybe this is how J.J. and crew will parcel out information, through the actors. Hey, weirder things have happened.

What do you think Boyega is teasing?