This Britney Superfan Made Himself The Star Of 'Work Bitch,' And It's Awesome

Who wants a Bugatti when you can be Britney?

Britney Spears' "Work Bitch," that thumping paean to self-reliance and the value of a hard day's work, has always had just one big problem: most of us working bitches will never, despite all our efforts, earn the kind of cold, hard cash necessary to score Britney's wishlist of a Bugatti, a Maserati, a big mansion, and a party lifestyle in the south of France.

So, what's a guy who wants to live fancy to do?

Well, you could always try this.

The above is the work of Britney superfan Gal Volinez, who has digitally inserted himself into the lush, luxe world of the "Work Bitch" video, where he will now live forever. And where this dance anthem once featured a whip-cracking, gyrating Brit-Brit, there is now a regular fellow, writhing in his underpants with surprising agility.