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Rick Ross Comforts LeBron While Austin Mahone Parties For His NBA Champion Spurs

Mahone loves his champs, but Rozay won't give up repping MIA.

The good news was that the game was pretty much over by the third quarter. So, you can assume the celebration in San Antonio began early on Sunday night when it was clear that the Spurs had put a deep freeze on the Miami Heat's quest for a three-peat. There were no nail-biting game 7's this time around, as Tim Duncan and his wrecking crew sent LeBron and the rest of the Heat back home to chill on the beach and figure out their next move.

For San Antonio native Austin Mahone is was a great night, but for Heat fans like Rick Ross it was a night of reflection and resignation. How did the stars react to the Spurs' domination?

Champions Circle

Still Reppin' Heat

The action down South was a bit quieter. But Heat supporters still had their team's back.