The 9 Celebs You Have To Follow On Facebook

Put some of Hollywood's finest in your feed.

If you think that Facebook is all about awkward political flame wars, hordes of not-quite-internet-fluent grandparents, an irritating ad platform, and countless friendships ruined by one too many Candy Crush invitations, then this next bit of news might surprise you: It's also, surprisingly, a great place to follow your favorite celebs.

Like Twitter, Facebook offers verified accounts for its big-deal users - and like Twitter, it's a service that celebrities feel empowered to use themselves to connect with friends and fans. But just as every friend in your feed isn't created equal (we're looking at you, Candy Crush freaks), some famous Facebook users are better at this than others. Here are a handful of celeb accounts you can definitely keep your eye on.

Norman Reedus

In the "Walking Dead" off-season, Norman's Facebook is a good place to get your Daryl Dixon fix.

Vin Diesel

Despite his tough exterior and rippling biceps, Diesel's Facebook account reveals him to be basically a big ol' sweetheart.


Follow Shakira for behind-the-scenes fun from her videos, plus, lately, lots of football fangirling.

Lady Gaga

Wondering what Gaga is up to on a day-to-day basis? Her Facebook page is full of insights, all about as weird and wonderful as you might expect.

Will Smith

Although he's slowed down his postings in 2014, Smith is prone to thoughtful status updates and fun photos of his equally-famous family and friends.

Jessica Chastain

Chastain's Facebook offers a peek into the quotidian comings and goings of one of the most coveted actresses in Hollywood.

Selena Gomez

An avid social media user across the board, Selena's Facebook sometimes features photographic treats for fans that you can't see on her Instagram.


Although Queen Bey clearly doesn't run this page herself, whoever does her updating has the skinny on everything from her philanthropic efforts to her latest music projects.

George Takei

Even those who aren't familiar with George Takei's work on "Star Trek" will recognize him as one of Facebook's sassiest and most active celebrity users.