Bonnaroo Confessionals: The Festival's Biggest Secrets Revealed

From performers to concert goers, MTV News uncovers some serious dirt from this year's festival.

MANCHESTER, TN -- The sun has set on Bonnaroo 2014, and while there's no question some incredible memories have been made during the weekend, not all of them are wanted to be remembered forever.

The four day extravaganza is a breeding ground for fun and, often times, mischievous behavior. Unlike in Vegas, however, what happens at Bonnaroo doesn't necessarily stay here. Especially when you confess your sins to an MTV News reporter. And we spoke to a whole slew of peeps, including performers and concert goers alike.

12 Things You Will Only See At Bonnaroo 2014.

While some of these festival confessionals are tame -- "I once walked into a men's bathroom at a festival and it was really embarassing," ZZ Ward explained -- others pack a more scandalous punch -- "I found a new boo at Bonnaroo ... and I already have a boyfriend," said 25-year-old Pam from Indianapolis. Either way, we compiled some of our favorites and present them to you here.

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ZZ Ward

After performing both Thursday and Friday, ZZ Ward spilled the deets on a bathroom snafu she encountered during a summer show.


When taking a break from her stage show, CHVRCHES' Lauren Mayberry discovered sitting on someone's shoulders isn't always welcomed at a concert, regardless of your height or, in Mayberry's case, lack there of.

Patty, 25

After being with her boyfriend for more than 4 months, 4 days at Bonnaroo completely destroyed this 25-year-old's relationship.

Jin, 20; Jason, 20; and Kathryn 20

These three friends learned the hard way that the customer isn't always right.

Jetai, 29

This festival patron from Detroit had to get resourceful when her Porta Potty was out of toilet paper.

Isaac, 21

Hopefully nobody confuses Isaac's freshly squeezed cocktail for their drink.

Stephanie, 29

Do you think Stephanie's glasses helped her see any of those "things that probably weren't even there"?