Find Out How Taylor Swift, Shakira, Justin Bieber Spent Their Father's Day

Everybody loves DADS!

Aww dads: we love 'em so much we've got to show them just how much on social media — plebes and famous-types alike. (I mean, this is 2014.)

And after all the celebrity dadlove we posted about this morning, even more famous folk came out to announce their own appreciations for dads, step-dads, and moms who play both, alike. So let's hear it for the parents again, shall we? One more time... with FEELING!

Carly Rae Jepsen showed some love for her dad AND her step-dad in two separate posts:

Lea Michele went the sporty route in an homage to her father:

Sara Bareilles took to Instagram to filter her dad love (is that Amaro? Or Rise?)

Wanna know where Katy Perry got it from? Her dad, apparently (does he like green wigs, too?):

Justin Bieber started his Dad Day messages with a bit of a promotional bent:

...But then went on to shout-out his own pops:

(Crisis and/or groundedness averted.)

Ariana Grande also had a dadcentric shoutout:

As did Steve Aoki:

Taylor Swift sent out a tweet of remembrance for the dads who've dearly departed:

While the girls of Fifth Harmony insta-dad-ed out:

And Shakira made the entire world "AWW!" with this little nugget:

Ciara sent out some insta-love to Future on behalf of Baby Future:

And Rihanna added an addendum to her previous tweet:

Aww, ain't it sweet to see people love their dads so much?