Here's InstaProof Of That Ed Sheeran, Usher, Diplo, Skrillex Collab

It's like the musical equivalent of The Avengers.

Ed Sheeran has likely blown the minds of many a modern music maven with his latest Instagram shot because, hoo boy, is it impressive.

Sheeran recently revealed what happened when he found himself, Usher, Diplo, and Skrillex in a recording studio together — it involved Passover, because miracles — and now there's photographic proof of this meeting of the musical mind that's sure to result in a megahit of the highest musical order.

Speaking about how the biggest stars of 2014 managed to get such an event together, Sheeran explained that he “was at a Passover dinner and sat next to Usher,” forming a wee bond that resulted in Usher inviting America's Current Favorite Ginger into the studio.

The resulting track is set to come out on Usher's next venture and, according to Sheeran, it's so good he wanted to steal it and make it his own. “We made this awesome song. … It was one of those songs that, as soon as we finished it, we were jamming out listening to the rough mix of it and I’m in my head, thinking ‘I want this song.’”

It's funny because we're pretty sure that's what everyone reading this post is thinking: 'I want this song!' Patience, Sheerios. Patience. Besides, he already debuted the new tune "Photograph" last night and is giving the world yet another brand-new song tonight. So don't say Sheeran never gave you nothin', kids: