The Many Faces Of Birthday Girl North West: From Joyous To Utterly Confused

She's a rock star.

Happy birthday, North West! Our favorite Kimye creation turns 1 today, making Kanye a pretty proud dad (Happy Father’s Day, ‘Ye!). And like Yeezus, baby Nori isn’t afraid to show emotion. So for this very special b-day, I’d like to take a look back at the year of the most expressive baby of ALL TIME.

Presenting, the many faces of North West.

Papal Pose
In North’s very first Instagram, she grants her blessings to the world. Such purity. Such grace. Such… OK, maybe she’s just wants her bottle.

Get me out of this swaddle. Now.

Ah, Shucks!
Nori tries her best to look disinterested but she is secretly loving the camera.

She tries out daddy’s ad-libs.

Da Fuq Is This Guy?
Sorry, Jeff Koons.

Baby bliss.

Staying Suave.
Dad, can you just be cool for once?

As If
1. You know that peplum is out now, right?
2. Khloe, enough with the selfies.
3. Dad, really? Another mask?
4. HAHA, I just pooped.

Staring Into Your Soul
This may look like a play date, but Nori is teaching Penelope the powers of the mind.

Seriously, What Just Happened?
I’ve been in this frock for hours, and I haven’t had my applesuace yet. I’m so confused.

Deep Thinker
Here, Nori worries over the military strategy in Iraq.

Kim Kardashian Sighting In Paris Getty Images

Oh, I Didn’t Even See You There
Ugh, look at all these grovelers.

Kim Kardashian Sighting In Paris Getty Images

Enjoy your day, baby!

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