12 Things You Can Only See At Bonnaroo

Only at the 'Roo.

There are hundreds of festivals out there -- from Coachella to Cannes to my hometown's Tulip Festival every year. But nothing is more eccentric than the music festival. For some reason, music brings out the silliness and creativity in all of us. And that's no different at Bonnaroo, going down this weekend.

But what insanity does Bonnaroo have to offer us in Manchester, Tennessee? Sure, we'll see fanny packs, flower crowns and really bad sunburns, but there are some things you can see at Bonnaroo that you won't observe anywhere else.

1. Kim Kardashian in a see-through shirt.

2. Internet celebs in green lipstick.

3. Rob Ford.

Behold: Bonnaroo's Hottest Bods.

4. This guy from Royal Teeth drumming in the audience.

5. Kanye West trying to fly. (Touch the sky, 'Ye.)

6. Kim K again. But this time with her head severed.

7. You Can Make Your Own Drum There.

8. And Your Own Glass. How Creative!

9. Ben Folds Driving There With A Missing Tire.

10. Kanye West's Tears Are On Sale For $18.00.

11. A Jellyfish.

12. This Tent Set Conveniently On A Car.