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We Asked, You Told Us: The World Cup Is Way Cooler Than The Olympics

Germans are pretty sure they're gonna win it all.

The summer Olympics are awesome, and the winter games are no joke either. But if you're like nearly half of the world's 7.2 billion population, chances are you will watch some of the 2014 FIFA World Cup soccer championship at some point over the next month.

We'll say that again: HALF OF THE GLOBE'S POPULATION.

Needless to say, footy is kind of a big deal. Which is MTV did a survey of just how excited young people are about the tournament and, well, they're psyched to say the least.

The Best?

1. 61 percent of millennials we talked to in Australia, the U.K., France, Latin America (Argentina, Colombia and Mexico), Germany, Italy, Southeast Asia (Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore) and Spain think the World Cup will be more exciting than the Summer or Winter Olympics.

2. 74 percent of American millennials feel like the World Cup is an important event for uniting the world's people.

3. Half said they're more interested in the World Cup than their elders.

Feeling Cocky

4. Which country feels like they have the best chance at winning the whole thing? Germany, at 76 percent.

5. Defending champions Spain are right behind at 69 percent.

6. A Latin American country hasn't hoisted the winning trophy since 2002, but respondents from the host region had a 60 percent confidence rate that this is their year.

Not So Much

7. As cocky as those countries are, some nations are not so sure. Respondents in the U.K. and France were pretty sure they were going to go home losers by a, respectively, 51 and 50 percent margin.

8. U.S. millennials were below the 50 percent line, with just 43 percent thinking that their squad could rise to the top.

Some Homework

The World Cup is the perfect time to wave your flag, paint your face, bang a drum and generally lose your ish in an attempt to display some home country pride. But what things do our respondents think best represent their countries? Here are a few of their favorite things:

9. Australia: Sydney Opera House, barbecues, beer, Ned Kelly, Billabong

10. U.K.: fish & chips, the queen, Big Ben, David Beckham (of course) and "Wallace & Gromit"

11. France: Eiffel Tower, croissant, champagne, Napoleon, "Asterix & Obelix"

12. Latin America: Simon Bolivar, Machu Pichu, maize, Shakira, Lionel Messi

13. Germany: beer, Brandenburg Gate, bratwurst, BMW, Ludwig van Beethoven

14. Italy: pizza, Colosseum, Leonardo da Vinci, Ferrari, wine

15. Southeast Asia: Milo, Jackie Chan, Dim Sum, Uniqlo, Pokemon

16. Spain: paella, Miguel de Cervantes, La Alhambra de Granada, Rafa Nadal, wine

16. U.S.: football, baseball, barbecues, fast food, pickup trucks & tailgating (tie)