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'The Flash' Speeds Up In This Sneak Peek Look At Barry Allen's Powers

Slow down, man.

Every sneak peek photo/video/Tweet/rumor/etc. gets us more and more excited for The CW's remake of "The Flash," and this latest featurette is the best one yet — because it gives fans a full and proper look at Barry Allen's (played by Grant Gustin) incredible power.

One of the many things that the 2012 superhero origin flick "Chronicle" did right was focus on the exhilaration and curiosity its young leads felt when they suddenly acquired their powers, and "The Flash" pilot nails this crucial element as well. The latest sneak peek shows Barry speeding down airport runways with glee — eager to find out just how fast he can actually go — and we're feeling that same glee right there with him.

But don't for a second think that "The Flash" will be nothing but fun and games.

"Barry is exhibiting things that are not possible, and yet are happening," Tom Cavanagh, who plays the mysterious S.T.A.R. Labs boss Harrison Wells, says in the video. "Our team, at least initially, seems like we're just trying to examine and determine why he can do the things that he can do. But there's much more to it than that."