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Does Weezer's Album Title Hint At The End Of The Road?

Say it ain't so!

Weezer's thing lately is that you never really know what their thing is going to be -- from what seems like the most un-Weezer move ever (The Weezer Cruise) to having Michael Cera sing backup on their previous album to partying non-stop with Lil Wayne on 2009's Raditude.

So when we saw that their ninth studio record, recorded with Cars legend Ric Ocasek, will be called Everything Will Be Alright In The End, it got us thinking, "Hmm, could this be their last album?" Mercurial leader Rivers Cuomo is so hard to read, and as much as we've endlessly studied the two clips they recently released of the sad Weezer ballad "The Waste Land" and retro jamming Weezer rocker "Ain't Got Nobody," the only thing we know for sure is it looks like Rivers has grown a goatee.

And keep in mind, Cuomo has never exactly been a ray of sunshine. I mean, have you heard Pinkerton?

So many questions. What will be alright in the end? The end of what? Why is it ending? Who is that lady who reads the title in their new YouTube clip? No release date has been set for the album yet, and we did not hear back from their label about their future prospects at press time. So, in the meantime, you'll just have to keep playing this title release teaser and look for more clues.