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These Justin Bieber Photos Are Really Depressing

In which I discover why Bizzle is sad.

I know it’s Friday the 13th and all, but there’s no reason to be sad, Justin Bieber. By looking at your Instagram, it looks like bae might need a little pick-me-up.

Justin is usually a cheerful dude — greeting fans, cuddlin’ with his kid brother and sister, cheesin’ with models. And while his default Instagram pose is a smileless, raised-brow pout, you have to admit, sometimes he looks a little morose.

Like here.

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Justin, what are you doing in the corner? Are you in timeout? Are you taking a jail selfie? (Shout-out to Wiz Khalifa.) You have to get out of there! You gotta, you gotta.

Seriously, what’s going on in this concrete room?< http://instagram.com/p/pLbizZAvnr/ It looks super uncomfortable in there. At least you have some sweatpants to lounge in. http://instagram.com/p/pLcIsTgvoK/ So sad. You're depressing me by the minute. Why are you all shrug-faced? Are you contemplating life? Love? Selena? Harem pants? That tattoo you almost got with Rita Ora? Wait…


Dear Lord,

Please give Justin his mustache back.

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