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Shailene Woodley Just Can't Stop Making Out In Her Sexy New Movie Trailer

Truly the best way to stop crying over 'Fault in our Stars.'

This sexy montage from Shailene Woodley's new film "White Bird in a Blizzard" can almost read like a happy-ish ever after epilogue to "The Fault in our Stars," if you really think about it. Two years after (major TFIOS spoiler alert) Augustus Waters' death, Hazel is in full recovery after receiving a miraculous lung transplant, but that hunky, 6 foot 4 inch ghost from her past just won't get out of her brain, man.

Enter Shiloh Fernandez, the hot denim enthusiast in this racy, PG-13 makeout montage. Gus may have taught Hazel about video game books and embracing life, but Shiloh is here to teach her about raves, Depeche Mode, neon tank tops, and having sex in public. Oh and also, they've somehow time traveled back to the '80s:

Interesting. The clip doesn't say anything about what "White Bird" is actually about, but word on the street is that the film covers Woodley's character's sexual awakening after the disappearance of her mother. It will be released on iTunes and Video On Demand on September 25, then will hit theaters on October 24.