'16 And Pregnant' Sneak Peeks: Scott Tells Courtney That Parenting Is Her Job

Meanwhile, Savannah confronts her drunken mom -- and calls the police on her.

Courtney and her boyfriend Scott have both taken on extra responsibilities since welcoming their son Dayton. But in the "16 and Pregnant" sneak peek below, the new father claims he's the one assuming the lion's share.

"I do recognize that you hold Dayton all the time, and I do recognize that you take care of Dayton all the time," Scott says. "[But] that's your job. That is a mother's job. Not just a mother, but a stay-at-home mother's job."

"Well, usually dads help," Courtney counters.

Scott refuses to bend, saying, "I'm doing my job. I'm supporting us, I'm keeping us alive. Everything we live, we eat, we drive, we do -- I pay for. Everything that we have -- everything is because of me."

The conversation takes a turn for the worse when Scott moves on to another touchy subject. "It's been how long now without sex?" he asks.

"Sex isn't the only thing going on in our relationship," Courtney replies, before storming off into the bedroom.

Next up: Savannah, who thinks her intoxicated mother isn't fit to care for her little brother Ben. In the video below, the young mom confronts a drunken Melanie outside her house.

"I'm guessing you're asserting your independence or something," Melanie says through slurred speech, "but you gotta go assert it somewhere else."

"I don't know why you have to be like this," responds Savannah, who has called police. "You couldn't stay sober for me when I was a kid, but the least you could do is help Ben grow up."

The cops can't offer much help, either: An officer tells Savannah that he can't force Melanie to hand over Ben, even though the teen says that her mother isn't fit to take care of the boy.

Will Courtney and Scott be able to overcome their differences? Will Savannah find a way to help her little brother? Watch the videos, and tune in to back-to-back-episodes of “16 and Pregnant” on Monday, starting at 10/9c.