Taylor Swift’s Inspiring Instagram Is Totally Emoji Hands-Worthy

Please stitch this onto a needlepoint for us, Taylor!

If you just finished a 14-month, 86-date international tour, you’d probably celebrate with a box of the finest white Zin $9 could buy and a three-day-long nap in your PJ pants. But you’re not Taylor Swift, who just wrapped her epic Red Tour with a hair flip, followed by an inspiring, very pos, emoji-hands-up quote by the homie C.S. Lewis:

Girl, preach, praise, emoji hands up. Stay on your “State of Grace” grind.



Now all we need is Taylor to stitch this onto a needlepoint sampler like the one she made Ed Sheeran. And then get back into the studio and finish up that new album Ed Sheeran was telling us about:

Tamar Anitai: MTV's pop editor, amateur cat Instagrammer, rap game Jennifer Love Hewitt.