NBC/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Happy Early Father's Day, Now Seriously Stop Dancing Like That Jimmy Fallon

C'mon, everyone, let's do the Belt Grabber!

There are few things in life more embarrassing than having your dad bust out his lame dance moves at a party. I mean, seriously dude, do you have to?

But, Sunday is Father's Day, so sometimes you have to cut the old man some slack and let him throw out his back while trying to show you how he used to Cabbage Patch back in the day. Jimmy Fallon knows your pain, which is why on Thursday night he put on his best dockers, dad 'stache and blue collared shirt and presented "The Evolution of Dad Dancing."

With some help from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the dorkiest dads ever took us through such legendary moves as: The Belt Grabber, The Lawn Mower, The "Oh, Stop It! I'm Not Embarrassing You," The "Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around" and, of course, The This Bridge Is Closed, which Christie did not like. At all.

Check it out: