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Ed Sheeran's Baby-Making Music Actually Made A Baby

And that baby's name is Edelle.

Those smooth vocals, Ed, they just do a little somethin' to us. And that fiery ginger mop? Well, that just seals the deal.

A Teddie private show sure set the mood for at least one young couple. The "Thinking Out Loud" performer took to Instagram to share the story, and humble-brag about how a beautiful baby girl came to share his moniker.

The couple was lucky enough to win a free getaway to NYC, complete with an hour-long private show by our favorite Lego-man. Lo and behold, the pair discovered they were with child after returning home from the much-needed escape.

In honor of Sheeran, they named their little girl Edelle Elizabeth Lindsey, or "Eddie" for short. How sweet is that? Bring on the "awws."

Dying for more of Ed? You can catch him and all of his adorable on the "Nine Days and Nights" documentary right here: