We Asked 'How To Train Your Dragon 2' Stars What They Would Do With A Pet Dragon

Khaleesi isn't the only one who gets to have some dragon fun.

With Reporting By Jordan Hoffman

It's the summer of dragons and lizards, with "How To Train Your Dragon 2" following hot on the heels of "Godzilla" and "Game of Thrones" (though Toothless is just a little bit cuter than those guys, we think). With dragon fever hitting Hollywood hard, what would "Dragon 2" stars Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera do with a real one?

"I've always wanted to see the Falkland Islands," Baruchel said. "So I'd probably fly over there for a bit."

"[To] fly over the 405 would be really wonderful, and get out of traffic," Ferrera answered. "And also cuddle. What's a dragon good for if not a good cuddle?"

Nothing, that's what!

The two also talked about their very romantic scene in the sequel, though surprisingly, Ferrera told us "that was the only scene for this movie that we recorded together."

Critics have noted that the sequel, just like the first film, has a whole lot of heart to go along with the gorgeous 3D animation, dragon cuteness, and slapstick humor, and Baruchel agreed.

"This movie has these neat little fun, truthful moments that kind of feel like they're out of an Indie film," he told us. "I love that this movie's allowed to breathe and have those moments because it makes everything else that much more impactful."

Check out Baruchel and Ferrera in "How To Train Your Dragon 2," in theaters now. We guarantee it'll make you want a pet dragon of your own.