For Father's Day, We Got You The 17 Hottest Dads In TV History

It's way better than a tie.

Well, it's officially Father's Day. Paternal love is in the air, ties and mugs are flying off the shelves like they're cronuts, and for the lucky ones, brunch is happening. But some of us didn't get brunch reservations. We just couldn't. Our dads/husbands/sons/brothers/etc. took too damn long getting their schedules straight, and now we're stuck at home, watching TV.

However, there is a silver lining, here, mostly in the fact that TV happens to house a ton of hot dads. Below, the proof:

John Winchester, The Tragic, Manly-Man Dad

He'd go to hell for you, girl.

Sandy Cohen, The Strong Moral Compass Dad

Also, the dad with The Eyebrows.

Coach Eric Taylor, The Dad Who Always Knows The Right Thing To Say

Except to maybe Julie.

Sam Bennett, The Sexy Doctor Dad

We'll take two, please.

Mike Brady, The Clean Cut Dad

Because sometimes boring is hot.

President Fitzgerald Grant, The Dad Of The United States

We're willing to overlook the fact that he never interacts with his kids.

Charles Ingalls, The OG Hot Dad

Little house, schmittle house. We'd live there.

Jax Teller, The Dad Whose Life Choices Will Unquestionably Have A Negative Affect On His Children

But we don't care, because have you seen those shower scenes?

Tony Micelli, The Norm-Defying Dad

Who IS The Boss, though, really?

Rufus Humphrey, The Dad Who Raised An Emotional Terrorist

But looked damn good doing it.

Jesse Katsopolis, The Greek God Dad

We'd put up with Uncle Joey for you, man.

Cliff Huxtable, The Silly Dad

Also the dad with the best collection of borrow-worthy sweaters.

Don Draper, The 'Bad' Dad

Hot and "good role model" are two very different things.

Rick Grimes, The Dad At The End Of The World


Ricky Ricardo, The Dad Who Yells At Mom

But also, has a sick supply of Cubans

Jaime Lannister, The Uncle-Dad

No one said we had to like their kids. By what right do you judge the lion?

Jack Bauer, The Dad Who Needs To Speak To The President RIGHT NOW

Today is the longest day of his life.