Can Free Agent Cara Maria Push Through The Pain And Send Laurel Packing?

The ex-BFFs are ready to go to battle, but only one will come out alive.

If there was any hope of ex-BFFs Laurel and Cara Maria mending fences before the end of "Free Agents," it's now gone. In a crazy twist of fate, the girls -- who've been feuding over what Cara sees as Laurel's condescension -- both wound up in the penultimate elimination round at the end of tonight's episode, ensuring that after next week, only one will have a shot at making the final mission's roster.

Cara, who banged up her hand badly during last week's "Balls In" elimination round against Jess, returned from the hospital with a severe fracture, but by the good grace of TJ Lavin, was permitted to continue competing. Still, the handicap hampered her performance considerably, and after a third-place finish in "Crossover," she found herself on the chopping block.

The day's male winner, Johnny Bananas, applauded Cara Maria's resolve. But he didn't cut her any slack, and coerced the female winner, Nany, into sending Cara in.

"If she's gonna ignore her broken hand, then why shouldn't I?" Johnny observed.

With only two women left to pull cards at The Draw, Devyn once again avoided elimination by the skin of her teeth, leaving Laurel with the Kill Card and the unfortunate task of competing against the woman she'd only recently described as a sister. "The whole vibe is weird," Laurel assessed as she took her place beside CM.

So, with Cara's injuries considered, and accounting for the fact that Laurel has never lost an elimination round, do you think scrappy Cara can pull out what seems like the impossible? She's certainly ready for the tall task.

"If I can come back tonight, this will be the most epic, most amazing win," she said.

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