In Honor Of ‘Awkward’ Schemer Eva, We Present The Top She-Devils In TV History

A definitive ranking of all the ladies you've loved to hate.

Any question about Eva’s schemer status was officially laid to rest on the latest episode of “Awkward,” thanks to one black lacy thong that didn’t belong in Jenna Hamilton’s bed.

The New York transplant is spitefully trying to drive a wedge between Jenna and Matty by lying, deleting crucial emails and planting panties in innocent bedrooms that aren’t hers. Even resident PHHS Mean Queen Sadie Saxton has found herself an unlucky recipient of Eva’s evil ways.

The last two epic minutes of the episode has us convinced that Eva’s BS is going to come back to bite her in her conniving little butt on Tuesday night’s season finale. Until then, let us rank the biggest she-devils in the history of television, with Eva taking the very mild Number 20 spot. Have a look and tell us — who’d we leave out?

19. Naomi Clark (played by AnnaLynne McCord) from “90210
A rich, snobbish girl from West Beverly Hills, Naomi could be cruel and manipulative to anyone who dared cross her path, especially if she thought you slept with her man (ahem, Annie). Still, she had a softer side…once or twice…when faced with her own insecurities.

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