'Game Of Thrones' Accidentally Reveals Major Spoiler During Charity Auction

It is an honor to die for. Literally.

There's only one way to die in Westeros if you're not a figment of George R.R. Martin's expansive imagination, and Dave Goldblatt has already claimed it.

The 30-year-old Facebook employee who's far wealthier than you, has donated the impressive sum of $20,000 to GRRM's Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in order to earn the title of “Martyr” and receive the honor of dying at the pen of the “Game of Thrones” author. Goldblatt will have a character named after him before he meets his no-doubt bloody end.

What's, perhaps, most interesting, is the buried lede in all of this: Goldblatt's character will hail from Valyria, as in the old freehold/empire that ran the Realm prior to the Doom that destroyed the island nation (and killed most all the dragons in the known world). For those of you slightly unaware of what that means: basically, its where the Targaryens came from, where they ruled the world with their dragons before they hopped on over to Dragonstone and eventually Westeros.

So, you know: they're kind of a big deal in terms of the epic fantasy's lore.

Goldbatt decided upon the once-great civilization to be his namesake because "For whatever reason, I thought the Valyrians were cool. I'm hoping in future books we get to see more of them." It feels safe to assume that Goldblatt isn't the only one who feels that way (include this particular writer here among them), considering the mystery surrounding the aforementioned Doom and how the old, dignified people came to such a tremendous fall.

Asked if Martin would change his name to better fit the fantasy tongues of the series, Goldblatt only responded that he had, "no idea. You're going to have to ask George about that."

Two "Martyr" prizes were available: One for a man and one for a woman. The female character has also been claimed, though the purchaser chose to remain anonymous. Which, really, is probably a good idea at this point. Don't want to give the Faceless Men an unfair advantage while they hunt for your head.