'True Detective' Creator Doesn't See It Lasting More Than '2 or 3 Years'

'I'd like to have a regular TV show with fixed sets and regular actors.'

If you'd settled into the idea of a brave new world wherein we would be privy to the mental machinations of Nic Pizzolatto on his HBO series "True Detective" every year from now until forever: think again. Turns out the creator has an end date already in sight for the series and it's sooner than you think. Like, end of next season or the season after soon. But it's like we hardly knew ye!

In an interview Wednesday at the Banff World Media Festival, Pizzolatto rationalized his plan for the series explaining the incredible undertaking each season is — particularly when you consider the fact that he's literally the only person writing the whole damn thing.

"Each season I'm essentially creating a brand-new TV show and it can't have any growing pains like a regular first season," Pizzolatto said. "It has to work right out of the box and that's incredibly exhausting."

"I'm writing every episode so I can't imagine I would do this more than three years," Pizzolatto continued. "I'd like to have a regular TV show with fixed sets and regular actors."

Ooh, so basically what he's saying is he wants to take it easy? Have a more traditional ride on the television marry-go-round? Eh? Eh?! Slacker! Where's the fun in that?

As for season two, Pizzolatto explained he already has 2 scripts written for it, containing 4 primary point of view characters, and they're expected to shoot (in Southern California) in the fall.