Chris Pratt Is Hunky On A Motorcycle In New 'Jurassic World' Photos

They've genetically engineered a super-tight T-shirt.

One year from today, we get to finally go to "Jurassic World," and now we finally have the first screenshots from the new movie.

The photos, courtesy of The A.V. Club, give us our first look at Chris Pratt as Owen, the new central character for the movie. And it looks like Owen will continue Pratt's current streak of bad-assery, as he looks classically hunky in his ulta-tight T-shirt and a motorcycle that would make Tom Cruise jealous.

We also get a glimpse of Bryce Dallas Howard as Beth, who should know better than to wear a completely white shirt on a tropical island.

And while there are no dinos in the pics, there is another staple of the "Jurassic" movies: adorable, frightened children.

"Jurassic World" opens everywhere June 12, 2015.