Porter Robinson Wanted To 'Cast Off' EDM On Worlds

The 21-year-old producer explains his 'angst' with electronic dance music.

At 21, Porter Robinson has already achieved veteran status in the electronic music producing community. Despite getting his start at 12, he has never released an album in his nearly decade-long career. That changes on August 12, when Robinson's genre-rattling debut Worlds drops.

Robinson's first album features gushy, euphoric tracks that are more for listening than dancing. He explained to MTV News that before his work on Worlds, his tracks were all created to make a club or festival exciting, and avoiding artist expression made him feel angsty with the EDM genre as a whole. The resulting collection of music is self described as "anti-EDM."

"I found that the scene had got kind of homogenized," he ssaid. "So I just wanted to cast off the whole EDM thing and make stuff that was super sincere and try to basically write my favorite music...that is meant to be the most 'me' thing possible." Upon this realization, he stopped touring to move back home and spend the next two years writing.

This stylistic shift could not be more evident than with his first single off the album, "Sea of Voices." The backlash Robinson expected from its release never came, and with every subsequent release, fans, artists and critics embraced his new genre-less sound.

"I really get the sense that people are ready now... EDM fans want electronic music and a lot of them are bored of private jets and Grey Goose spectacle of the main-stages of the world" Porter explained. "Its a good time to be making alternative electronic music."