Stephen Byrne/Facebook

See What 'Doctor Who' Would Look Like As A Disney Movie

Pretty geeky, pretty cute.

It's everything you never knew you wanted: Artist Stephen Byrne has created the poster for a Disney-fied version of "Doctor Who."

Stephen Byrne/Facebook

With the cheeseball and oh-so-Disney princess tagline, "She wished for a prince. She got 13," the poster depicts a bemused-looking Amy Pond, surrounded by all 13 Doctors. The gang, including the TARDIS, of course, is all there.

Byrne's goof on the popular BBC series has attracted the praise of some, and the ire of other fans. Byrne's Facebook post of the art has garnered 200 comments as of publication, and had more than 1,300 shares.

What do you think? Yay or nay to a Disney Doctor?