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This Official Beyonce Remix Is So Pretty It Hurts

Thanks, I Am A Camera, for the tears.

You know what there's just not enough of in the world? Remixes of Beyoncé jams. Like, you need to get on that, musicians of all ilks.

Just kidding! There are tons of Bey remixes! I got you there! But, seriously, what I mean to say is there need to be more remixes like I Am A Camera's spin on "Pretty Hurts," commissioned by the Queen herself.

"The remix came about because we were was contacted by Beyoncé's musical curator who had heard our songs and asked for an I Am A Camera version of 'Pretty Hurts'," the duo shared. "Beyoncé is one of our favorite artists of all time and a true icon, so to get this remix is beyond exciting for us. Working with Beyoncé's vocals has got to be one of the most surreal and exciting moments in our career so far."

Listen while spinning around and crying.