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For $25, James Franco Will Teach You How To Write A Short Film

Do you have what it takes? ($25 and an internet connection.)

Got 25 bucks? Well, mister or miss, those 25 dollars might be your ticket to fame, glory and international intrigue. Or they could be your ticket to having a short script critiqued by the James Franco. Or they could mean that you can watch some pre-recorded webinars in which Franco imparts wisdom on writing short films.

Or you could buy, like, five or six deluxe lattes.

Yes, James Franco and his Rabbit Bandini Productions partner Vince Jolivette are offering an online class through Skillshare, Introduction to Screenwriting for Short Films.

The exciting thing about this class is that it's not only educational, it's a popularity contest as well! Students will receive guidance from 15 video lectures while completing their projects, a screenplay for an eight-minute short film based off of one of three source texts (and one of them is by Steinbeck, so get psyched for some smiles!). Here's the tricky part: Only the 10 projects that receive the most upvotes from fellow students will actually be read by Franco and Jolivette. Of those 10, three will be announced as the duo's "favorite writers," and one lucky duck will get one-on-one feedback from El Franco. Screenplays must be submitted by July 24.

As of pub time, nearly 500 students had enrolled in the class, with the number growing by the minute. Hey, at least this might get you to finally read a great American author, right?

May the odds be ever in your favor. (Or, if you opt for the lattes instead, in your flavor.)