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'Drizzy's Law' -- What's Drake Got To Do With Lupe Fiasco's New Song?

This one is for the ladies.

Lupe Fiasco is prepping his fifth album Tetsuo & Youth for release later this year, and although he led with the empowering, anti-cancer anthem "Mission," expect things to take a sharp turn soon.

"The album is compartmentalized into different zones," Lupe told MTV News of the project. "So there's a ratchet zone on the album -- unapologetic, summer in the club, freaknik type records but with a Lupe twist. [I thought..] let's put out substance first, lets do 'Mission' and actually create something substantial, then lets have an afterparty."

Lupe enlisted Ty Dolla $ign for one of those so-called 'ratchet' records, which will definitely be a single, in addition to working with Ab-Soul and Big K.R.I.T.

"There's a few uplifting things, a core of ratchet stuff and some 'no pressure' records," he added. "You need your singles, you need your clubs records, your radio records and those are 'pressure records.' Once you accomplish all of that then you get into those no pressure fun records."

One of those 'no pressure' records will be "Drizzy's Law," which he previewed at a concert last year. Lupe asked all of the men in the audience to turn their heads, while he spoke specifically to the ladies during this particular track. It all started as a joke within his private Twitter nation (called "North Scorea"), but now it will actually end up on the album, likely with a different title though.

"We noticed that the guys were hating so we set up a law where we only [talked] to the ladies, and it was called "Drizzy's Law,'" Lupe explained. "It's definitely gonna make the album."

When asked if he would consider having Drake featured on the song, since it was partially inspired by him, Lupe wasn't against it.

"I don't think [Drake] would do it but the offer is open," he said. "We'll probably change the name of it from 'Drizzy's Law' to 'Lupe's Law,' or something, just so people don't take it the wrong way. [Because at first] it was only meant to be on my locked Twitter page."

The Chicago rapped says there's no doubt that Drake is 'king' when it comes to addressing the ladies.

And, in terms of the album title: Tetsuo was definitely inspired by the Japanese manga series and film "Akira." Hear Lupe explain it all in the video above.