13 Reasons Why Tyrion Lannister Is The Biggest Bad-Ass On 'Game Of Thrones'

Putting an arrow in Tywin's guts was only the most recent evidence of Tyrion's total awesomeness.

If you'd ever doubted that Tyrion Lannister was the baddest bitch in Westeros, what just happened in the season four finale should have cleared that right up for you.

Spoilers Beyond This Point!

As of this moment, Tyrion has grasped his freedom, destroyed his enemies, and conquered a lifetime of daddy issues with a single well-placed arrow to Tywin Lannister's bowels — and on Father's Day, no less! Because a Lannister always pays his debts, but a Tyrion Lannister pays his debts like a champion, with an ironic flourish that puts all other debt-paying to shame.

But this was also hardly the first time that Tyrion made his mark as "Game of Thrones" ultimate bad-ass. So until we see him again, let's look back on all his best moments since the start of the series, beginning with...

1. When he knew what The Wall was really intended for.

2. When he gave Jon Snow some useful advice.

3. When he wasn't questioning Janos Slynt's honor...

4. When he explained to us the complicated concept of "possession."

5. When he identified Cersei's sole redeeming qualities.

6. When he slapped Joffrey, before Joffrey was King.

7. And for that matter, when he slapped Joffrey after Joffrey was King.

8. When he gave all the props to Catelyn Stark.

9. When he made Lancel Lannister sing like a canary.

10. When he stepped up for poor, sweet Sansa.

11. When he destroyed Stannis Baratheon at the Battle of the Blackwater.

12. When he told King Joffrey just what kind of, er, tools he'd be using on his wedding night. (Note: This video includes naughty words.)

13. And of course, when everyone in Westeros needed some salve for that burn.

Honestly, it would have taken less time to list the times when Tyrion wasn't a bad-ass...