A Teen Will Discover The Unthinkable On MTV's 'Finding Carter' -- Watch The Trailer

Premiering next month, the scripted show follows a girl who finds out she was kidnapped as a child.

What's in a name? Don't ask Carter Stevens -- she's got two of 'em.

By all accounts, Carter has all the trappings of a typical teenage existence: a loving mother, good friends, a choice fro-yo spot downtown. But one unfortunate night in the slammer yields the horrifying truth: She's not who she thinks she is, because the woman she believes is her parent actually abducted her many years ago.

When "Finding Carter" premieres on July 8, Carter, born Linden Wilson, will have to adapt to a new home made up of practical strangers: her birth parents, a set of siblings and a grandfather. She'll also be challenged with coming to terms with the fact that the only identity she's ever known is a lie. All the while, her biological mother -- a determined cop named Elizabeth -- will fight tooth and nail to apprehend Lori, the woman who kidnapped her little girl.

But is there more to Lori's story than Carter has been led to believe? We think you know the answer to that.

Check out the "Finding Carter" trailer, and be sure to tune in to the very first episode July 8 at 10/9c!