Beau Mirchoff Offers Tips For Finding -- And Keeping -- Your Own Perfect Beau

The 'Awkward' hearthrob explains the do's and don'ts of dating, and dishes on his own relationship.

Matty McKibben is still coming into his own and learning how to deal with Jenna and the other girls at Palos Hills High School, but Beau Mirchoff, the actor who plays the hunky athlete on "Awkward," already knows a thing or two about growing up -- and how to treat the ladies right.

In the latest issue of Glamour magazine, the 25-year-old thesp dished about his love life and how he conquered those pesky feelings of self-consciousness.

"Getting out of high school, you become older and stop caring so much," Beau said. "You mature. It's one of the good things about getting older."

Unlike single Matty (though he's veering awfully close to taken territory with Eva), Beau's off the market -- he's been dating actress/"So You Think You Can Dance" winner Jeanine Mason for three years. They first crossed paths at an acting studio, then ran into each other again at a party.

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"She was talking with these guys," Beau recalled. "I was a goofball that whole night, so I walked right into her conversation and just started laughing. She thought it was endearing, even though it probably looked like crazy behavior."

His boldness and charm paid off -- before the evening ended, Jeanine had accepted an invitation to lunch. They've been together ever since, even combining work worlds: The pretty brunette recently guest starred as Luke's college roommate, Shane, on an episode of "Awkward." She didn't share any scenes with Matty but did get in a few smooches with...Tamara.

So how does an everyday girl find a beau as perfect as, well, Beau? The actor offered a few dating tips that are bound to help. For instance, a guy won't play hard to get if he's into you, but if he's not sure about you romantically, he'll stall -- and that's not a good sign. And here's a biggie: According to Beau, it's okay to reach out after a first date because "guys love that!"

Other things to keep in mind: There's no time limit to adding someone you're dating on social media. And never, ever break up via text message.

To see Beau/Matty in action, be sure to catch the season finale of "Awkward" next Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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