'Star Wars: Episode VII': Get Your First Look At A Fan Favorite

The little guy and 'Star Wars' have been through a lot together.

Everyone's favorite astromech droid is on the set of "Star Wars: Episode VII" in London.

That's right: it's R2-D2! J.J. Abrams had previously confirmed that R2 would play a major role in the movie, though we got a little worried when he was conspicuously absent from the cast photo (apparently droids are not welcome at both Mos Eisley cantinas and script readings).

But finally, George Osborn, England's Chancellor of the Exchequer & MP for Tatton (which, no, is not a character in the movie, though it's an awesome title), revealed R2 in a photo from the set.

Osborn also revealed that one of the recently-announced "Star Wars" standalone films would also shoot in Pinewood Studios in London. With "Episode VII" also filming there, it seems like the Galaxy Far, Far Away is taking its place permanently across the pond.

No word on a first appearance from R2's golden companion C-3P0, but we're sure he was just taking an oil bath during the photo.