Don’t Rule Out A Karmy Coupling On Season 2 Of ‘Faking It’

The show's mastermind, Carter Covington, revealed it's not too late for Karma and Amy.

Considering Karma somberly rejected Amy on the "Faking It" season finale, it's safe to say a romantic relationship isn't in the cards for the lifelong BFFs...right?

Don't be so sure, reveals the MTV comedy's showrunner. In an interview with BuzzFeed, Carter Covington explained that nothing is out of the question for Hester High School's most famous (fake) couple.

"Later down the road, when we’ve played out the circumstances we’re in now, [Karma] may come to realize, 'Wow, I love Amy,'" he said. "'She’s the person I’m closest to, and when we kissed, I was turned on. Should I have given it a shot?' And maybe [Karma will] go on her own journey of discovery."

But even if Karma does undergo a sexual renaissance and comes out ready for lady love, will she ever be able to get over the fact that her BFF and her would-be boyfriend Liam hooked up behind her back? "My intent is never to have the series end with Karma and Amy not best friends," Covington assured fans. "It’s a journey of, 'How do they hold onto that, and how do they keep going, because they love each other.'"

Phew -- consider us talked off the ledge!

Let's not forget that Shane and Lauren have some knots that need untying, as well. The former is coming to terms with the fact that he may not be the upstanding guy he thinks he is (spreading rumors about pill-popping certainly isn't part of the golden rule!), and he'll have to confront his own demons while potentially dating the squeaky-clean Pablo in Season 2.

"I think we’re gonna play a lot with Shane’s inner turmoil of, 'Who am I? Am I a good guy? Am I a bad guy? Am I attracted to good guys? Am I attracted to bad guys?'" Covington said. "I’m excited for Shane to have a romantic life and let it be a real journey of ‘Who do I like?’"

Lauren, on the other hand, will struggle to blend into her new stepsister's world, and Covington shared that you can expect a liiiiiittle bit less hostility from Hester High's snarky transfer student.

"I think she wants to be part of the group, but it scares her," he said. "So we’re gonna make sure we keep a charge so that she doesn’t become warm and fuzzy. I like Lauren with claws. I don’t want them to go away."

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