A Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Is Happening

Blue-haired video game character is headed to the big screen.

By Maurice Bobb

Get ready to run to the theaters, Sonic the Hedgehog fans: Your favorite video game character is speeding his way to the big screen.

Sony and Japan-based production company Marza Animation planet teaming up with producer Neal Moritz to create a hybrid computer-animated/live-action version of the best-selling Sega video game, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Evan Susser and Van Robichaux of Upright Citizens Brigade fame have been tapped to write the screenplay for the film, with Takeshi Ito, Mie Onishi and Toby Ascher serving as executive producers.

The movie will follow the exploits of the title character’s attempts to save the world from Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik’s numerous evil campaigns to take the coveted Chaos Emeralds and rule the planet.

To date, the Sonic franchise has sold more than 140 million games worldwide and spawned a number of comic books and an animated television series.

No date has been set for the film’s release.