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Watch Miley Cyrus Sing 'FU' To A Cutout Of Selena Gomez

What does it mean?

Miley Cyrus brought out a fun new stage prop during her Bangerz World Tour stop in Milan, Italy, this past weekend -- a cardboard cutout of Selena Gomez wearing a poorly scrawled black bikini.

Cyrus usually only busts out the sleekest of props during her shows -- tongue slides, hot dogs and horse heads included -- but during her Italy performance, she went a little DIY with the Gomez-emblazoned piece.

Cyrus danced with the cutout during a rendition of angry jam "FU," as evidenced by video on TMZ, leading some outlets to speculate that she and the fellow former Disney star are feuding in some way.

However, halfway through the jam, she tossed the cutout into the crowd (from which we're guessing it came) and sang to the giant, furry bird thing that was also sharing the stage. Perhaps she's PO'd at Big Bird 2.0 as well? Only Twitter and time will tell.

Miley Cyrus -- Disses Selena Gomez ... FU, Baby!

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