Photo Proof 'Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams Was Clearly Born to Play Arya Stark

The 'Game of Thrones' star was a Stark from birth.

It's no secret that Maisie Williams, adorable, pocket-sized British human and creator of hilarious Vine videos, may be the best — and most kick-butt — part of "Game of Thrones." As the scrappy and murder-happy Arya Stark, the actress is impressive and growing into a terrifying but competent player in this high fantasy game of chaos and bloodshed (and boobies and dragons!). With Needle in her hand she's not one to mess with — some might even call her damn-near unstoppable.

Which is why, when the actress posted this Instagram, we were none too surprised. Because Baby Maisie Williams, it seems, already knew she was born to play this part. I mean, just look at that expression:

I mean...come ON. That stare, that mug, the attitude of a champion. This is a girl that knows winter is coming. If that's not the sort of swag one picks up at House Stark of Winterfell, nothing is.