'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me': Celebrate 15 Years With This Shagadelic Merch

Yeah baby, yeah!

Are you feelin' randy baby? Fancy a shag? If not, allow this "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" merch to get you in the mood.

Remember the 90s and how obsessed with parody it was? Want to be taken back to that time? This collection of the best merchandise ever produced (fan-made or otherwise) in conjunction with the release of "The Spy Who Shagged Me" will certainly transport you.

On this, the film's 15th anniversary (yup — that'd be today: do you feel old yet?), we thought we'd throw you a frickin' bone here, Scott, and bask in the delightfully weird, wonderful, and totally groovy glory this film managed to produce — materialistically speaking, of course. What other way should one celebrate the spoofy Mike Myers film, right?

First up we've got a bunch of crazy action figures — you know, in case you wanted to live out those innuendo-laced lines on your living room floor with a bunch of plastic dolls:

Need a vessel with which to carry those action figures around? How about this backpack? It's sure to have you lookin' shagadelic in no time.

(It even has a universe-specific dictionary so you can expand your knowledge of euphemisms for "horny.")

There's also a card game with several expansion packs you can scoop up on eBay (where else?):

Want to dress up like everyone's favorite international spy? There's a kit for that:

And we'd be remiss to not mention/show-off the handmade wares of Etsy sellers. Like this artistic rendering of Dr. Evil that's a total steal at $1,500:

(The struggle to be evil is real.)

Or how about this modified Munny doll...

This spoonful homage to Fat Bastard feels a bit on the nose:

(Perfect for eating baby, the other other white meat.)

Our favorite might be this Scott Evil cross-stitch, though:

Not specifically "The Spy Who Shagged Me"-related, but rather representative of all three films, we'd be seriously remiss if we did not include this lamp:

Truly, there is no groovier an inspiration than that International Man of Mystery, baby, yeah!