Whose Heart Is Sure To Be Broken On Tonight's 'Faking It' Finale?

As the season comes to a close, we're betting that Karma, Amy or Liam (or all three of 'em) will wind up totally crushed.

Weddings can occasionally be a recipe for disaster and heartache. Case in point: Aunt Ally's majorly cray ceremony on Season 2 of "Awkward."

Now our gut is telling us that tonight's "Faking It" season finale will be equally dramatic when Amy's mom Farrah ties the knot with Lauren's dad. Between a couple of teenage wedding crashers and a potentially shocking speech from Amy (seriously, will homegirl finally 'fess up her feelings?), the only thing that could further push this ceremony out of tame territory would be another epic croquembouche fight. (Fingers crossed!)

While Aunt Ally's nuptials left Jenna brokenhearted on "Awkward," who's liable to be left out in the cold tonight on "Faking It"? Threesomes clearly don't work between Amy, Karma and Liam, which means one of them will likely end up in SoloTown. The first candidate: Amy, who may risk her friendship by laying her not-platonic-at-all love on the line for Karma, only to wind up hurt and rejected (see: sorta-secret lovers Kiam).

Then there's hunky Liam, who could get ousted if Amy's feelings are actually reciprocated by Karma -- making it a triumphant WIN for the Karmy.

Finally, there's Karma, the gal who started all these shenanigans in the first place -- could her seemingly selfish, Liam-obsessed ways come back to bite her in the tush?

+ Right about now we wish we had a Magic 8 Ball, but we'll settle for your opinion. Who's likely to have their heart broken?

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Tune in to the "Faking It" season finale tonight at 10:30/9:30c. (There, there — Season 2 will be here before you know it!)

GIF: MTV's Faking It Tumblr