Did DJ Mustard And Mistah F.A.B. Really Fight At A Concert? See Video Footage

Fight night, or nah?

DJ Mustard and Mistah F.A.B. made a valiant effort to keep whatever beef they had in Oakland on Sunday night off the Internet, but it didn't exactly work out. Just one day after YG and Mustard denied that they were robbed during a physical altercation, grainy footage from the concert has surfaced.

Alleged footage of the incident on WSHH seems to show Mistah F.A.B. reaching out and hitting Mustard in the face, while onstage during a show. Their crews eventually got involved, causing a melee.

There were also rumors that Seattle Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch, was involved in the brawl (since he was hanging with F.A.B.'s crew) but new photos from TMZ show that he actually steered clear of the fight.

The next question is: What caused the beef anyway? Well, it might've started with an interview. Last month, during a chat with Power 105's Breakfast Club, F.A.B. made a comment that apparently rubbed Mustard the wrong way. "The Mustard sound that's poppin' right now...That was created in the Bay Area," F.A.B. said at the time. "We not mad at it at all. I'm not mad at it because I'm still able to get in and do what I do."

Mustard didn't take it lightly, responding in his own Breakfast Club interview a few weeks later with, "You come up here and make it like Mustard's stealing. How am I stealing? If it's so easy, why don't you make these beats?" The Roc Nation signee also denied having heard F.A.B.'s music, which was awkward since F.A.B. dug up a Complex interview where Mustard had named him as an influence.

So, there you go.

And now that all is said and done, it looks like both parties want this beef to disappear just as quickly as it started.