‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Recap: No More Reckless Internet Posting

Waka Flocka's mom starts anti-cyberbullying campaign, and Sleazy & Zino's Bar & Bistro opens for business.

By Maurice Bobb

There are certain things we’ve all come to expect from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”: juicy gossip, love triangles, scandals and fights. And while this week’s episode stayed true to form, there was a brief but important detour taken by the show to deal with Waka Flocka Flame’s youngest brother KayO Redd’s suicide.

Exasperated with grief, Waka's mom Deb Antney started the No R.I.P. (Reckless Internet Posting) initiative because she believes that her son KayO took his own life last year because of cyper-bullying.

“I find the internet to be the murder capital of the world,” Antney said. “You kill spirits. And you also take lives.”

Overcome with the emotion of losing his 22-year old sibling, the Flockaveli 2 MC left the room before his mother really started to grieve with family and Waka's fiancee, Tammy.

"Waka doesn’t deal with death very well," she said. "His dealing is to stay away from things."

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Elsewhere in Atlanta, Yung Joc performed his new song, “I Got Bizness,” while Kirk indirectly promoted the single while talking to Karlie Redd. Meanwhile, Lil Scrappy was back from Miami and tried to clean up the mess Momma Dee made between Bambi and Erica Pinkett while holding court in the streets last week.

“I ain’t even got a baby and havin’ baby mama drama,” Scrap said before promising Momma Dee he’d buy her the scooter she wanted if she agreed to stay out of his relationship business.

Stevie J and Benzino celebrated the grand opening of their new nightclub, Sleazy & Zino Bar & Bistro.

“This is the day Atlanta’s been waiting for,” Steebie said excitedly.

It was a festive event until Zino’s new girlfriend, Althea, decided to “check” her man’s ex, Karlie about “missin’ the D.”

Not surprisingly, the ladies’ words escalated to the point that Atlhea felt compelled to throw her drink at Karlie. Security intervened before the women “put them paws” on each other, but Zino still huffed and puffed at the idea that anyone would blow his new house down. “Security, escort that b-tch out my club!” he yelled at Karlie.

A thing that was said in the aftermath that didn’t need saying: “This ain’t over.”

Scappy met with the Bam to get her side of the story and was told to go get on his Mom’s nipple before the two ended their torrid love affair. “If it ain’t good, you gotta jug,” he said.

Mimi Faust and Nikko celebrated their one-year anniversary at the club where they were crowned “Atlanta’s adult entertainment power couple” by Dawn, Mimi's new publicist extraordinare. Nikko rolled with the "power couple" title but Mimi was miffed that her man’s main focus was the sex tape and not their relationship.

More important than that, though, was the salacious tidbit some partygoers learned about Althea.

“Whoa, she lovin’ the crew?” asked Erica after learning that Zino’s main squeeze had a thing with Nikko and Stevie J in the past. Doesn’t take a psychic to see that Benzino may decide to hold off on proposing once he hears about Althea’s “hit list.”

Stevie wanted to talk to Joseline about their grand wedding plans, but the Puerto Rican princess threw him a curveball with accusations that she’d seen naked pictures of women in his cellphone.

“You wanna talk about the wedding? Let’s talk about divorce,” she said.

Not to be outdone, Stevie made a damning declaration of his own before leaving out into the night: “Once you lose me, your life is over.”

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on VH1.